Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Sheridan Animation Portfolio

This will be my first post for my blog.

I haven't done a blog in a while... I used to love Tumblr but I knew that I would get too addicted so I stepped back from it. Thank god. I will use this as my art/photography blog. Maybe personal stuff here and there... but I know a lot of people wouldn't care or want to see that on an art blog hahah 

I am currently not attending school but hopefully will be going back this upcoming 2013 fall semester for Sheridan's animation program. I applied this year and I am just waiting for a response to see if I get in or not. I already applied to Seneca's animation (as a back up school), and successfully got accepted there *phew* But I am really hoping to get accepted into Sheridan's program (crossing all my fingers and toes)

So...Let's just get right into my portfolio
(carrying out action)

Hand drawing
(anticipating action)
House hold object

House hold object (external force)

Room line drawing

 My uh..character design... I wish the perspectives were better. I have a few mistakes I wish I fixed :(

 5 Personal Artwork 

watercolour and gouache
pen and marker



That wasn't everything but most things! I couldn't find them on my computer and I was too lazy to get them... so enjoy! Oh and wish me luck! I will probably hear from them in a month or so :)

weeeee I'm gonna have fun posting :) It'll keep me busy

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